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sábado, 14 de maio de 2016

25 milhões de razões para sorrir !!!

Para quem não sabe, paralelamente a este blog mantenho outro blog THE OLIVIA PALERMO LOOKBOOK, dedicado única e exclusivamente a Olivia Palermo , a minha musa de estilo. Pois é o blog atingiu 25 milhões de visitas!!! Devem imaginar como me sinto feliz , ainda não acredito, 25 milhões de visitas!!!

For those unaware, alongside this blog I maintain another blog  THE OLIVIA PALERMO LOOKBOOK , dedicated solely to Olivia Palermo, my style icon. Well the blog has reached 25 million views! , so you must imagine how happy i am about it!!! Still can´t believe it!! 25 million hits!

segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2015

20 million page views! 20 milhões de visitas!!!

Estou extremamente orgulhosa e feliz porque hoje o meu blog The Olivia Palermo Lookbook atingiu 20 milhões de visitas!!! Muito obrigada !!!

Thank you for your support!!! Thanks for stopping by and reading The Olivia Palermo Lookbook.Thanks to everyone who takes time to leave a comment . I feel very overwhelmed and happy with your support. You are all fabulous ♥

Muito obrigada !!! Obrigada por visitarem o meu blog The Olivia Palermo Lookbook.Obrigada a todos os que deixa um comentário.  Eu sinto-me muito lisonjeada e feliz com o vosso apoio. Vocês são todos fantásticos ♥

domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

Estou extremamente orgulhosa e feliz!!!

Estou com um enorme sorriso na cara ! O meu blog The Olivia Palermo LookBook foi destaque num artigo da publicação THE DAILY!!!
Muito obrigada !

My blog was featured in THE DAILY !!!
Today i have a huge smile on my face ! I can't believe that my blog The Olivia Palermo LookBook was featured in THE DAILY. I am extremely proud and happy ! Thank you so much !!!

“I want to be Olivia Palermo when I grow up,” declares Pinterest user Anna Harms in her online inspiration board dedicated to the former reality star’s style. Based on her profile picture, Harms is already a grown-up.

“Olivia Palermo is a fashion goddess,” coos another on the social networking site, where people have “pinned” more than 7,000 photos of the socialite in her high/low aesthetic — a mix of slouchy Givenchy purses, Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses, preppy Anne Taylor shells and the occasional sequined Converse high-top. Other blogs are created expressly to “stalk” her style (see: The Olivia Palermo LookBook), hailing Palermo as a “girl crush” and, more dramatically, as a fashion icon.

That mantle is perhaps better reserved for the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Jane Birkin, but at 26, Palermo is a street-style princess, a cover girl (October’s InStyle UK), a designer muse on a double-kiss basis with Valentino and the inspiration for Jill Stuart’s latest handbag — a classic tote called the Palermo.

Palermo demurred when The Daily brought up her cult following during a shopping trip to Zoe, a boutique around the corner from her Brooklyn, N.Y., apartment, calling her admirers “sweet” but noting she doesn’t frequent such fan blogs.

Though she was painted as a villainess on MTV’s “The City,” Palermo — in cap toe Matt Bernson flats, a “really old” striped tee from Club Monaco and gumball-sized diamond studs — is bubbly and seemingly bashful about the stardom she cultivates. The petite, Greenwich, Conn.-bred tastemaker is the face of French design house Rochas’s new fragrance, brand ambassador for Spanish shoe line Pikolinos and a guest editor at Piperlime, Gap Inc.’s online outlet.

“Fashion today is becoming more commercial. People that aren’t necessarily in the fashion industry are interested. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to start a website,” she explained softly.

Posts on banishing blemishes and “how to rock green” populate, which launched last year. Palermo said the site, which she hopes will evolve into an “online magazine,” now has 20 contributing writers and a hands-on executive editor in its namesake.

“I put stuff on the website that I relate to, that I like,” she said. “And that’s it.”

The main complaint from her readers is that they want more Palermo, as photographed by her German model boyfriend, Johannes Huebl, who is deemed “delicious” by Palermo acolytes.

“It’s so amazing being able to have him. He’s an incredible photographer,” she gushed. “We’re a good team. I’ve always trusted his vision. I’ve never questioned it.”

She giggles off marriage talk, saying only, “If we decide to do it... we’ll see,” but she’s forthcoming about her admiration for his gentlemanly aesthetic: “He has a great tailor in Hamburg.”

Describing how she crafts her eclecticism with outfits proves more challenging. Wandering among the racks, Palermo expresses love in equal measure for tailored blazers and Erdem frocks, romantic chiffon skirts and leather leggings, kitten heels and Stubbs & Wootton smoking slippers (“I love an older gentleman’s shoe”).

“Trends come and go,” she said with a bat of her eyelashes. “It’s important to have your own sense of style.”