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domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012


Oh,Yeah! Happy days !!!
Some of my favorite tv shows are back : Scandal ,NCIS: Los Angeles ,Revenge and Glee .
Algumas das minhas séries favoritas já estão de volta !!!!


NCIS: Los Angeles



The Good Wife, Nikita ,Happy Endings ,Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 and Gossip Girl will be returning this fall.
Estas vão regressarem breve, mal posso esperar!!!

The Good Wife


Happy Endings

Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 

Gossip Girl

 I've become addicted to some of the new fall tv shows like Elementary,Made in Jersey and Revolution.
Alem do regresso de velhos conhecidos o Outono é ainda marcado pela estreia de novas series algumas das quais já estou fã ! 


Made in Jersey


 Estou cheia de curiosidade para ver algumas das novas serias que estão ainda para estrear!
I Can't Wait to See this new tV shows: 666 Park AvenueArrow , Beauty and the Beast and The Carrie Diaries.

666 Park Avenue


Beauty and the Beast

The Carrie Diaries

Todas estas series podem ser vistas aqui, na versão original e sem legendas. Espero que tenham gostado das minas sugestões!   

You can go here to watch all these tv shows .These are my suggestions. Hope you like it !
Have A Wonderful Sunday !!! 

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Four random things I liked/hated/cringed at:


Mrs. Fabray’s quip about her husband’s affair with a “tattooed freak” – a dig at Jesse James and Sandra Bullock’s marriage troubles maybe? Just a suggestion.

**Prepare to hate me** But seriously, Vocal Adrenalin not only deserved to win, but also had the most exciting performance I’ve ever seen on a TV show. The music, production and (most importantly to me) the choreography was outstanding, and I’d have voted them to number one if I was a judge at Regionals. I especially liked the part where three girls are thrown into the air backwards and caught again by the boys, in quick succession, like a waterfall or some other deadly force of nature. It was astonishing.

**Boyfriend, don’t read this part** Jesse St. James? Hot stuff. Hotter than Finn, Puck, Mr. Schu and Asian Dancing Guy put together. I don’t care that he tore out Rachel’s heart. I don’t care that he’s the bad boy. He comes right up to the ‘slightly camp’ line and stops before he goes too far. And he can sing. *Swoon*.


A couple of observations about the birth of Quinn’s baby: Puck’s stupid grin? Cheese master. He should’ve been crying or looking slightly shocked. He’s 17 and has just seen his child being born. He wouldn’t be smiling. And as for that baby? Cutest thing ever. But it was about 3 months old. It had fully opened eyes and was moving it’s own head. Very unrealistic. It should’ve been 80% blind, very floppy and covered in placenta juice (sorry, but it’s true).

But really, such an amazing episode. There were so many things going on and the producers allowed so many important things to happen. They have confidence that their very loyal audience will all be dying to see season two with or without cliffhangers. Any other TV show would have (a) not revealed who won at sectionals (b) not revealed that Glee Club had another year and (c) stopped just after Quinn announced her water broke.

But Glee doesn’t need us to be hanging onto hopes of a revelation all summer, all it needs is amazing characters, fantastic writing and great music. And it has all three in spades. I hate the phrase “Roll on…” as in “Roll on Season 2”, so I will refrain. But Jeez, I can’t wait for it.


Glee: The Season Finale

Glee: The Season Finale: Reviewed

If you haven’t heard of Glee yet, you might as well go back to Antarctica now rather than read this rave review of the last episode of season one. If you have heard of Glee and don’t like it, you just hop on the boat back to Antarctica for the journey. Because, really. What sort of person doesn’t like Glee?

You know how season finales usually work. Every possible cliffhanger is exploited and juiced out til the last second. But then just before something exciting is allowed to happen, “To be continued…” pops up on the screen and ruins your summer.

One of my favourite EVER shows, Criminal Minds, employed that tactic at the end of the last season. Yes, it left me wanting more. Success for the production team. But it made me angry and frustrated at the same time. Trust me when I say, Glee makes you feel no such way.

Seven things I LOVED about the Glee Finale

Sue’s epic one-liners. Her humour fills the episode with disdain and hilarity. From her expecting “racist Disney characters” to appear out of Mr. Schu’s hair to her spending “large portions of my day picturing you choking on food” (about Schu), whoever writes Sue’s lines will be at my fantasy dinner party as the bringer of the laughter.

Emma Pillsbury, God bless her. She’s a little dote. Two things I loved about her in this episode: Her screaming match with Figgins in defence of the Glee Club – a big move from someone usually so refined and quiet. And when she’s explaining how her and her dentist started going out and she says he was showing her the sterilising equipment they use to clean their tools… Classic OCD Emma. Perfect way to announce she was dating someone who appreciates good oral hygiene.

The intensity of the New Directions performance. They all looked hopped up on caffeine mixed with sever amounts of sugar mixed with ecstasy. The whole world was rooting for them for the whole Journey medley (which was a great choice of music for the final episode). Rachel’s vocal performance in “Faithfully” was amazing, but I still hate that scrunchy face she does. It really really annoys me.

How amazing was the Bohemian Rhapsody combination with the sounds of Quinn giving birth? There could not have been a better mash-up for her having the baby. It’s frantic enough for the rushing into hospital, calm enough towards the end when Quinn is handed the baby, and has a big enough crescendo to warrant being the theme tune to someone’s life beginning. I couldn’t tear my eyes away for the whole thing.

Olivia Newton John really played a blinder in this episode. She gets Sue all riled up and gets Rod Remington and Josh Groban on her side about not voting for New Directions. She had a few great lines and it was weird but wonderful to see her playing the baddy.

The individual tributes to Mr Schuester followed by “To Sir With Love” – one word: TEARS. I haven’t cried yet at an episode of Glee, but you’d have to have a heart of pure stone to not feel a twinge during that song. It was so sad and happy at the same time. Emotions ran high in Cork on Tuesday evening, I’ll say that much. Oh, and EVERY secondary school/high school graduation song next year WILL be this song. Fact. It’s perfect for it. And it now has the all-important Glee stamp of approval.

When Shelby adopts Beth I was surprised. In hindsight, I can see that it was being built up all the way through the episode, but I was so caught up in other things happening that the obvious hints went unnoticed. It was sweet on one hand, but I feel sorry for Rachel on the other hand. It was as if Rachel was just replaced by Beth in one fell swoop.