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domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2014

New Blog {Novos Blogs}

Oracle Fox : Mandy Shadforth lives in Queensland, Australia and is a photographer and visual artist. Her blog is a visual jolt of fashion inspiration.

Shine By Three :This girl lives for the camera, both in front and behind, photography and videography.

Harper and Harley : Sara Donaldson is part blogger, part e-commerce fashion exec, living in Sydney. 

Kate Waterhouse : Kate is a journalist, media personality, radio talent and columnist for The Sun-Herald.

Zanita :Photographer, blogger and model capturing the world through her lens.

quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2014

New Blog {Novos Blogs}

Andava há tempos a passear pela blogosfera quando descobri o blogue da Catarina Paiva : LE FRENZBERRIES. Adoro descobrir novos blogs, porque tenho mais um sítio para passear e me deliciar. Foi amor ao primeiro click ,está cheio de coisas bonitas e prende-nos no primeiro minuto que o visitamos. LE FRENZBERRIES é uma dose diária de inspiração e muito mais. Aconselho-vos a dar uma vista de olhos, aposto que vão gostar tanto como eu!
Quem tiver um blog ou queira sugerir algum blog novo digam-me para poder partilhar. Tenham um dia feliz!

sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

2 em 1 : Decor Inspiration + New Blog

O Decor Inspiration desta semana é um espécie de 2 em 1 já que para alem da inspiração, mostra ainda um novo blog, ou vistas bem as coisas mostra dois novos blogues !
Fui buscar a inspiração para este post ao blog da Ana Antunes, Home-Styling ,onde ela colocou estas imagens  fantásticas da sua casa , para quem não conhece a Ana Antunes é uma das decoradoras do Querido, Mudei A Casa e agora alem de vermos o trabalho maravilhoso que faz no Querido, podemos ir ao blog para uma dose diária de inspiração e muito mais.
Numa das minhas ultimas visitas ao blog da Ana, fiquei a conhecer um outro blog de decoração simplesmente fantástico All Things Bright and Beautiful

A Ana Antunes deu um pequena entrevista ao blog, All Things Bright and Beautiful  , cheio de dicas, aqui ficam algumas:

 How to make your home your own :

1. Find the house of your dreams .  Believe it will be yours, and it will happen.
 2. Modernize. But respect it´s original soul.
3. Live and share it, as much as you can.
4. Find a special spot and  fill it with pictures of people you love or your family history. 
5. Create favourite-object´s families in diferent places around the house.
6. Use color and patterns you've allways loved.
7. Use books or magazines to create height.
8. Create focal points. 
9. Spread nature around your house.

10. Make you home your own special touch and style.,
It's the least you can do for your family
to make them feel loved, safe and unique.

quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

New blog !!!

I love when I discover a new blog. I recently found Blair Eadie's Atlantic-Pacific and it just became my latest obsession !
Bee as she calls herself, has a certain style that really speaks to me. I love taking a peek at the ensembles she creates having fearless fun with fashion!
Her style is very clean and sophisticated. What I love most however is how she piles on the accessories.

Here are Bee´s Top Five Rules for Accessorizing:
1. Accessories don’t always have to complete or compliment the outfit, they can often be the outfit.
2. Play with proportions- mix a statement necklace with multiple delicate necklaces or one large, chunky bangle with a handful of thin ones to create depth.
3. To build a collection that is well rounded, accumulate pieces, don’t simply buy out of need. Also remember that accessories can be more versatile than you think- your favorite brooch may become your favorite necklace or your staple necklace could become your new accent bracelet.
4. Invest in the classics. Even if you are an of-the-moment trend dresser, invest in a few key accessories that can be the base to many looks in your closet.
5. Remember these are my rules…so have fun and create your own fabulous set.