sábado, 14 de maio de 2016

25 milhões de razões para sorrir !!!

Para quem não sabe, paralelamente a este blog mantenho outro blog THE OLIVIA PALERMO LOOKBOOK, dedicado única e exclusivamente a Olivia Palermo , a minha musa de estilo. Pois é o blog atingiu 25 milhões de visitas!!! Devem imaginar como me sinto feliz , ainda não acredito, 25 milhões de visitas!!!

For those unaware, alongside this blog I maintain another blog  THE OLIVIA PALERMO LOOKBOOK , dedicated solely to Olivia Palermo, my style icon. Well the blog has reached 25 million views! , so you must imagine how happy i am about it!!! Still can´t believe it!! 25 million hits!

2 comentários:

  1. Muitos Parabéns, agora que se siga mais 25 milhões!

    Beijinhos, Hellen

  2. hello Martha, I've been following the Olivia Palermo blog for some time now. And I really like it. And I just discovered this other blog of yours and just wanted to thank you for both !!! I actually love both of them and find them really inspirational and I am a frequent Olivia Palermo blog viewer and certainly will become a frequent this other blog viewer. I admire the fact that you persevered in these projects and that you share this beautiful things, especially that my taste happens to be a lot like yours. I live in Paris, so you can imagine how much interesting stuff there is and yet still I really like to look at your blogs because there is this certain something ! so one again thank you ! you even now inspired me recently to create my own blog ! I didn't really know how to put it, and if it would make sense what I would post, and if anybody would be looking at it etc etc. And when I saw your solnaaguafria blog I realized that Yes ! sharing what you find beautiful and what inspires you makes sense !! I have no idea if my blog will work but if it will it will you'll have your part in it ! ;) so you'll come visit me in Paris ! ;) so again, just thank you, thank you, thank you !!!