domingo, 30 de junho de 2019

Loving Right Now

The 100

The 100 is truly fearless in its storytelling choices and thats why its the best show the CW has ever made!

It’s hard to think of another series that has reinvented itself to its own benefit quite as often as The 100 has. This post-apocalyptic series about humanity’s fight for survival is dark and complicated, but always compelling. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s truly fearless in its storytelling choices.
This show has consistently reframed its narrative in each season, taking us everywhere from space to modern day ruins to underground bunkers and back again. The characters – a young, diverse cast comprised largely of strong, complex women – have fought Grounders, Mountain Men, fellow humans from intergalactic prison transports, and each other. Main characters have died. Relationships have been betrayed. The Earth was abandoned (again) and then destroyed once more (for real this time). And all along the way, seemingly impossibly moral choices are laid out in front of virtually every character, and the consequences of those decisions are both very real and incredibly lasting. Characters make mistakes, and pay for them. They choose the wrong path, and learn from it. (Or not.) They repeat bad behavior because, at this point, it’s all they know.
Season 6 pulled off perhaps the biggest reset of all, jettisoning the characters 125 years in the future and relocating them all to an entirely new planet called Sanctum. This new home at first seems a magical safe haven, but of course, is harboring some dark secrets. (Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be The 100 if it wasn’t.) But no matter what the circumstances Skaikru finds themselves in, The 100 has proven time and again that we should trust the show and its story to take us somewhere worth going. 

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sábado, 22 de junho de 2019

Estas palavras podiam ser minhas

A pessoa está para pôr um término ao blog por várias vezes mas por várias vezes acontecem coisas que a forçam a mudar de ideias e a pessoa continua, não completamente a contra gosto mas com menor entusiasmo, ainda assim, porque a verdade é que a pessoa tencionava fechar isto.
A pessoa vai escrevendo, cada vez com menor entusiasmo, isto já não é o que era, sente-se a falta das pandegas que foram outrora as caixas de comentários, mas a pessoa escreve, de quando em vez ainda dá umas valentes gargalhadas, pena que sejam cada vez mais espaçadas. A pessoa dá um tempo a ver se a vontade de escrever volta...vamos lá ver o que acontece.