sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2018


Do you know how much in love with you I am? 
Did I trip? Did I stumble - lose my balance, graze my knee, graze my heart? 
I know I’m in love when I see you. 
I know when I long to see you, I’m on fire.
 Not a muscle has moved. Leaves hang unruffled by any breeze. The air is still. I have fallen in love without taking a step. 
You are all wrong for me and I know it, but I can no longer care for my thoughts unless they are thoughts of you. 
When I am close to you, I feel your hair brush my cheek when it does not. I look away from you sometimes, then I look back. When I tie my shoes, when I peel an orange, when I drive my car, when I lie down each night without you, I remain… 


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Maria Rodrigues disse...

Que maravilhosa e apaixonada declaração de amor.
Bom fim de semana
Maria de
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