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Blogger Of The Week :Nicole Gebhardt Of La Tiquismiquis

What inspired you to create your blog ?
I am reading fashion magazines for ages now – not because of their way of journalism, more because of all those beautiful pictures of stylish people: actresses, models or just people who are in the magazine without being good in something. I love to see how they get dressed up, what they are
wearing and how they combine things. Of course, most of them can „work“ with a very high budget and wear designer clothes, so the most interesting part of the magazine was always stuff like „The look of … “ or „What they are wearing in Paris“. Real style, created on their own, on real human
beings, who probably have similar problems with money or parts of their bodies that are not 100% perfect. Without knowing exactly when, I realized that there is a lot more of what I like most in the internet. I started reading streetstyle blogs, or more staring at the incredible pictures, got interested in the little stories of bloggers, the reasons why they are how they are and why they are dressed like that. Normally „passion“ is not my favorite word according to the big world of fashion (of course you all know bloggers who describe themselves as „blogger with passion for fashion“ :) ), but I wanted to describe and explain my way of dressing, choosing clothes or adding something special so badly that I needed a platform for that. And here it is.

How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
Like I mentioned before my addiction to fashion magazines, blogs and staring at good looking
people on the street helps a bit. ;) Hm, how I would describe my style. Defining it is definitely not possible. So I would say that it is nothing special or extravagant. It is always about one or two pieces I am in love with. These daysI am absolutely obsessed about my leather jacket – too happy that I finally can wear it again. Last week at Mango I found a gorgeous pair of pink sunglasses. If I would not be afraid of being boring,those sunnies would definitely be on my nose every day. Checking the things in my wardrobe I always find clothes which play the supporting role in my outfit film.

What is the best and worst part of having a blog ?
I start with the worst part: pressure. I don´t know if you know that feeling when you are a active
blogger, but the pressure comes from inside and forces you to think things like “Oh no, 5 days
without posting”, “Why is this reader writing me really mean things?”, “Is my style stylish
enough?” or “why I am not that successful after two years of blogging?”. Really bad things, but if
you once started to open your heart and your wardrobe, your blog is like your little baby and if not
everything is going so well, it hurts. ;)
But I am convinced that blogging is definitely more positive! You get a lot of nice words and
comments of people all over the world, you maybe try something new, you get advice of your
readers when you are not 100% sure about something, you are part of a mostly very friendly
community and get to know a lot of great people. Exploring new blogs is a wonderful part, too.

Do you feel that your blog change your life in any way ?
Of course! I am getting more and more confident according to my clothes and the things I like. I am
sure you know the feeling that you are afraid of people staring at you on the street (at least here in
Germany it is like that in a few little cities or villages). I never could understand it, but the positive
reactions and nice words of readers definitely help to do not care about others and wear and do what
you want. Blogging makes me happy somehow.

What advise would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
Probably I am not in the position to give advice how to become very successful and live Chiara
Ferragni´s life, but maybe I know a bit how to write a very personal blog which is really you.
First of all you should be yourself and not following trends like Jeffrey Campbell heels, Cambridge
Satchels or what ever. Think about who you are and what makes you special – then write about that.
I think the writing part came off more and more badly in the last time. For me reading the blogger´s
ideas, inspiration or feelings is one of the most interesting parts you can find on a blog. Of course,
there are many readers who just look for the pictures, but I am sure that there are a lot of people
who want to know you, how you are and why you are doing what you are doing. Stay in contact to
your readers, answer comments and emails, be active in social platforms and also visit other blogs
(maybe you find a special one which inspires you?).
What else? Of course, a good camera is important, but above all the pictures should be clear, natural
and without too much junk.

When your not writing your blog what do you like to do ? 
At the moment I live in a pretty small town in Bavaria, Germany, and this year I am going to write my thesis in Political Science and Spanish Philology. After that? Who knows? I would like to live in Spain again and then maybe study something else in my favorite town Hamburg. We´ll see... Next to university I am hanging out with my boyfriend, I love to drink coffee, I am reading, blogging of course, learning languages, traveling, taking pictures, and working in an archive in my institute.

la tiquismiquis.

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  1. Obrigada! Também amo Arctic Monkeys, são a minha banda preferida desde que me conheço como gente! :b

    Obrigada por seguires o Beautifulness (:

    Beijinhos, Matilde.

  2. Gostei imenso do post e da dona do blog. Gostei imenso das respostas dela a algumas perguntas, que devemos seguir o nosso próprio estilo, conhecer-nos e não seguir as tendências só por seguir. :)


  3. Adoro estas entrevistas que tu fazes :)