quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012


Olivia Palermo At The Premiere Of HBO's "Girls"
Olivia Palermo confirmed that light denim, usually reserved for more casual looks, can also work on the red carpet when she styled hers with a sparkling sequin blazer at the HBO premiere of Girls. The fashion-forward beauty layered her gray sequin topper over a white silk blouse and cuffed denim skinnies, then slid on a pair of colorful cap-toe pumps for instant glam. Glistening diamond stud earrings, a gold caged bracelet, and a blue ostrich bag rounded out her polished look perfectly. To dress up your light denim, style it with a sequin jacket like Olivia did, or work your blazer with dark denim for a less casual approach to this fabulous look.

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