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Blogger Of The Week : Christina of The Style Mogul

What inspired you to create your blog ? 
 I've always been told that I have a great sense of style and the way I put outfits together blows people's mind away.  One day I was describing my love for fashion and someone gave me the idea to start showcasing my outfits on a blog!

How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
Classic with edge! Or just plain edgy! I love taking classic pieces and adding a twist to them. Some days I feel like busting out and being completely different! There isn’t exactly one person that influences my style sense.  My style sense comes mainly from what’s current & what’s hot! I watch a lot of Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker, knowing the trends and colors that are current for the season does help! Sometimes just by starring at my closet I am able to visually pair items together.

What is the best and worst  part of having a blog ?
The best part of having a blog is I can share with the world my fashion sense and style and give other inspiration as well! It also makes me become more creative when pairing my outfits.
The worst part is wanting to blog every minute of every day! I wish I could make this my full time money making job!

Do you feel that your blog change your life in any way ?
No - it proved to me it is something I love doing and will continue working every day on it trying to reach new goals.

What advise would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
Hard work pays off! Try an keep blogging every day or every other day to keep those readers intrigued and blog about stuff you love - there's nothing worse than reading blogs where the people are being forced to write about something they're not that into!

When your not writing your blog what do you like to do ? 
On my very few moments free I love browsing through other blogs to gain more inspiration, shop (obviously), cook & bake, and definitely relax and let loose!
The Style Mogul

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Laura Trigo disse...

Excelente escolha! Gostei muito! :)


The Style Mogul disse...


Looks great!


Hoochie Coochie Gal disse...

Adoro estes posts :)

Closet2Me disse...

Ela tem muito estilo!

Cátia Rodrigues disse...

Não sei como é que podia não conhecer o blog dela!

Think Pink disse...

Adorei os look :)

catarina coelho disse...

Não conhecia o blog dela, mas amei o estilo, super chic

Fabrizia disse...

Such a lovely post: these shoots are great!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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Lau Figueiredo disse...

Gostei imenso do post :)
E gostei do estilo dela, especialmente na foto 5 e 6.


Xinha disse...

Adorei!não a conhecia! Mt bom!! :)

Lucie Srbová disse...

She is absolutely gorgeous!! Love her style:) Following you on GFC!

Vanessa Gonçalves disse...

boa escolha:)

Joana Sá disse...

Adoro estes posts
Dá sempre para conhecer novas bloggers
Esta eu não conhecia, vou já ver o blog dela

Kiss kiss.*Jo

The Style Mogul disse...

Obrigada para todos!!