Blogger Of The Week : Cara McLeay Of A Fashion Love Affair

What inspired you to create your blog ?
I work in a corporate world, but am very passionate about fashion. I began my blog as a creative outlet where I could share my daily looks and love for style with a community.
How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
It is difficult to define one's style...especially because I believe it is constantly changing.  I personally am always drawn to classic, clean lines, and then I love to have fun by mixing patterns, adding colours, adding textures and adding layers to complete a look.  I am inspired by so many different things...other bloggers, the latest designer collections, vintage looks, and all that I see when I am traveling!

What is the best and worst  part of having a blog ?
I love having a blog for so many reasons...My style has grown since beginning the blog, I have met an amazing community of people both here in Vancouver and all over the world, I have had the opportunity to attend some amazing events and have worked with some fabulous companies...there is no bad side of blogging in my opinion!

Do you feel that your blog has changed your life in any way ?
My blog has definitely changed my life in a lot of ways...Because I post outfits everyday, I am always thinking about putting outfits together, and sourcing new photo blog is also a business, so there is always something going on...but that is what makes it so much fun!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
I would tell someone who wants to create a blog that they should make sure to blog about something that they are passionate about, be proud of the content they are putting out, and make sure to participate in the community.

When you're not writing your blog what do you like to do? 
 When I am not blogging I can be found walking my dog (a 5 year old beagle named Gus) with my boyfriend, hanging out with girlfriends, reading, and spending as much time as I can outside!


Great pick, I love her style!
She has great a hair, great looks, and she reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw a lot!
Vanessa. disse…
Adoro o estilo dela!
Closet2Me disse…
Gosto muito!
Gosto imenso do estilo dela :)
Jny disse…
Como é que eu desconhecia este blog? :O Ela linda, cheia de estilo e veste risca com padrão floral de modo perfeito!! ADOREI (o que já não é surpresa nenhuma).=)
BbyAngel disse…
I looove her style!
The Style Mogul disse…
Cute! I love how she's a fellow Canadian!!

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