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I Want Her Closet : Corri McFadden

 Okay just tell us, is this the closet you've always dreamed of or what?
No! I think we all have a dream closet in mind–a Carrie Bradshaw moment. Let's just say I am still awaiting my moment! Living in the city space can be limited. I have maximized all available space in the closet (my boyfriend's space becomes smaller every season) and bedroom with a full wall buildout for my handbags, jewelry, and accessories!

 Do you think there is ever a point where your wardrobe is "finished", or will it always be a work in progress?
Never! My wardrobe is always changing–fashion is what I live and breathe. Just the thought of my wardrobe being "finished" makes my heart hurt a bit.

What is one thing you never wear any more but refuse to part with?
Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Pants. I wore them for my 30th Birthday and for now I love them hanging inside my closet. They are a great memory!

 Is there any item you've ever tossed from your closet that you wish you could get back?
No, out of site, out of mind. Honestly I couldn't even tell you the pieces I have gotten rid of–no attachment!

Do you believe in cleaning out your closet, or are you a clothes hoarder? 
I definitely clean out my closet. There is no need to hold onto something if you are not wearing it. I believe it is important to keep your closet fresh. It should look like you today–not you five years ago.

 What is your all-time favorite piece in your closet?
My Chanel Gunmetal Chain Clutch, an unexpected surprise from my boyfriend. Chanel + love = favorite.

Any advice for those looking to reorganize? I believe it is important to maximize your available space. Don't be scared to add shelves in your closet. Just because they aren't there doesn't mean they can't be, they're super inexpensive. It is also important to make sure all of your similar items are grouped and visible so you know what you have. You can pickup great jewelry and closet organization pieces on eBay for a fraction of retail.

 Are there any closet staples you find yourself buying over and over again? 
Rag & Bone Legging Pants. The fit is perfection and I love the color selection!

What is one really luxe thing a woman can do to love the space of her closet more?
Making sure you love everything inside of it is a great place to start. Then comes organization.

What are you look to add to your wardrobe now?
I am loving the print on print trend. I see Prabal [Gurung] as my Spring Future.

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  1. Há pessoas com muita sorte, não há?! :)

  2. Aiii nao me importava nadinha mesmo!

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  4. Ai ai ai >.< Eu de certa forma comexo a ter o mesmo problema. Eu bem tento me livrar de roupa mas as vezes fico naquela "eh talves volte a entrar na moda, ou, talvez um dia use". O ano passado quando voltei de Praga la consegui me livrar de alguma roupa, eu normalmente dou a pessoas que conhexo, mas nao sei porque o meu guarda-fato continua CHEIO! lol.