segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

Blogger of the Week : Elizabeth Myers Of Epitome of Chic

What inspired you to create your blog ?
I have always loved sharing my perspective on fashion, my style and other things that inspire me (like traveling) to my friends and others. So, I thought having a blog would be a great way to do that.

How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
My style is classic, sophisticated, and modern overall, but also eclectic; I love incorporating trends and different styles into my wardrobe. One day I may add a little edge and the next day maybe completely girly. I find inspiration everywhere! Through magazines, other blogs, street style, vintage styles, and famous stylish fashion-goers like Olivia Palermo, Bianca Brandolini, and Miranda Kerr.

What is the best and worst part of having a blog ?
It is so nice to be able to show my perspective and my style to the world, not just ones close to me. It can be time consuming but before, I already spent so much time being inspired and now I can use that time and inspire others (I hope)!

Do you feel that your blog change your life in any way ?
Yes, I have always wanted to have a career in fashion, and now I feel like I am finally doing something to help myself get there besides school and work experience.

What advise would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
I think it is very important to have your own style, but also keep current with the always changing fashions.
When you’re not writing your blog what do you like to do ?
When I am not doing schoolwork and interning, I like to spend time with friends, going for dinner, shopping, or just relaxing and watching movies at home.

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  1. Gostei imenso do post! Desconhecia a blogger, mas vou já espreitar :)
    E já sigo o teu*

  2. Esta rubrica é excelente! Assim fica-se a conhecer novos blogs! Assim como este que para mim é novidade!



  3. Não conhecia e mais uma vez gostei. ;)