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Style At Home: Beth Jones

From her wardrobe to her home, Beth Jones, businesswoman and blogger, is a combination of classic old-Hollywood glamour and trend-setter. Beth is known in the fashion community for her innovative style and brilliant ability to set trends on her popular style blog B. Jones Style. Her vintage-inspired yet somewhat classic style is completely her own, fresh and current. Beth’s love of all things vintage is visible in her chic home, from a lamp that conjures up thoughts of the Great Gatsby to jewelry from times gone. The carefully curated furniture and eclectic décor shines against a backdrop of brightly painted white walls – a touch of California cool.
Beth uses clothes to decorate her stylish home office.
How would you describe your style? What do you find inspiring?
My style is a mix of dramatic-eclectic-glamour with a vintage twist. I am really inspired by vintage clothing, but not in a way that is wearing it from the era gone by, but modernizing it and wearing it based on the current trends. I’m also really inspired by movies and characters. I love thinking in terms of a glamorous character when creating an outfit. Of course I am also inspired by so many amazing women out there right now – bloggers, editors and stylists. I love that we have exposure to women all over the world and that we all can inspire each other.
vintage accessories
What is your favorite room in the house and why is it special to you?
I would have to say my office / workspace is my favorite room. It is special to me because it shows me how far I have come, that I am doing what I love for a living and I have the pleasure of working from home. I created it as a place that would be inspiring, creative and warm (it is all of those things). I love waking up in the morning, grabbing my coffee and sitting down in my wing back chair ready to take on the day.
Where do you find most of your furniture and home décor pieces?
Most of my furniture has come from thrift stores, flea markets and Craigslist. My bed was my only big splurge. I had dreamt of that bed from the day I saw it in an Anthropologie catalog years ago. My husband and I bought it as a wedding present to ourselves and I have never regretted it. I LOVE IT! So romantic.
Tell us about how you use jewelry as a form of home décor? How can we create a similar look?
I use jewelry throughout most of my bedroom. If there is a figure, bowl, dish, hook or anything that will hold jewelry, I use it. A horse is dressed in a necklace, hooks hold more necklaces, a dish is filled with rings… it’s everywhere.
You manage to create the perfect balance between fresh & vintage. You use a lot of white (walls, rugs, textiles) and yet there are perfect touches of color. How do you decide when to keep it simple and when to add some flare?
I chose to use white walls mainly because the last home we had was full of color (we had yellow walls, green walls and turquoise walls). I was ready for white and bright! For each room I decide if and when I want color. I loved doing our bedroom in mainly white, naturals, gold and creams (soft, light and romantic). With my workspace I wanted to add pops up color against all the white. It started with a red cabinet brought from our last house and that set the tone for color in the room. Each room depends on the mood I want to create.
Left, Beth in a vintage kimono inspired robe. Right, Manolo Blahnik for Ruffian heels.
How do you think your fashion sense translates into your home?
Going back to my personal style, I said dramatic-eclectic-glamour with a vintage twist. I think my home is very much that same description.

Would you say that living in California has influenced your home decorating approach in any way?
Yes, California is so light and bright -  full of sunshine and I want to capitalize on that as much as I can. There is so much available in terms of flea markets and vintage stores which also has played a huge part in my décor style.
How did you get started in styling and the fashion blogging community?
I started a blog called “The Vintage Society” in January 2007. It was before I knew other people would read my blog and I was mainly starting it as a way to promote a store that I was thinking about opening. I didn’t have the money to build a website, so I thought a blog would work instead. Of course, things changed a ton and blogging took off. I thankfully got to take the ride. It led to a sponsorship with Quiksilver Women which led to styling opportunities. I started B. Jones Style because “The Vintage Society” wasn’t really what I was about anymore. I had decided not to open a store and branding myself differently made sense.
Which item in your home has special value to you?
My bed means a lot. I love it and invested in it but there are some sentimental things that will last a lifetime, like my husband and I have a little vintage book that sits on a table in our bedroom. We leave love notes in there every so often and now it is a collection of our love from the last six years. Won’t that be fun to look back at after 50 years of marriage?
Do you think you can use clothes to “decorate” a home?
I love using clothes, jewelry and accessories to decorate with. I have a dress that I adore hanging in my office on the wall, a dolls dress is set in a frame, jewelry is scattered about, furs hang on mirrors. I think it softens and personalizes the home.
Beth arranges flowers from her mother-in-law who has a gorgeous rose garden.
Are there any images you’ve come across over the years that have inspired your style?
I think my collection of images of Carrie Bradshaw have played a huge role in my style. There are a few editorials from JANE Magazine that I have held on to because I feel JANE played a big role in my “fashion awakening.”  I don’t think I will ever forget the Vogue editorial with Kiera Knightly in Africa – so amazing.
How does your personality come through in your home and wardrobe?
I’m a “put-me-on-stage” kind of girl and I think this plays a huge role in my style. I’m really not afraid to wear anything. I love expressing myself through fashion and if I’m overdressed or a bit ridiculous, who cares! I am having fun and FUN is my favorite thing.
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