quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

Beautifully Organized: Color Coded

 When it comes to placing items into their assigned "homes" one of my favorite ways arrange them is by color. Doing so creates such a beautifully organized effect...
Books grouped by color can be a great way to style a bookshelf and add a punch of color into the decor of a room. (To preserve functionality try to keep similar subjects together or do this only with books you don't really need to access that often)
Magazines with a colored spine (like the O Magazine, InStyle, and House Beautiful) can create a beautiful rainbow effect. Colored files can help visually separate things out into categories (red for 'legal', orange for 'home', etc) and let you find documents more quickly.
Clothing and shoes arranged by (type then by) color allows you to see what you have and makes it easier and more enjoyable to pick out an outfit.
By Arianna of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors For La Dolce Vita

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  1. Ai ai! Quem me dera ser assim arrumadinha :)

  2. Ai meu deus, este post é a minha cara! Arrumação, arrumação, arrumação!!! Também tenho os sapatos e a roupa por cores :)