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Olivia Palermo


Describe what you’re wearing:
My jacket is from Reiss in New York – it’s the perfect transition piece for spring. The shirt is Belstaff, the black skinny jeans are from Cos in Germany and the scarf is Christian Dior. I always have a great pair of ballet flats – these in maroon velvet are from French Sole – it’s a better colour than black, I think, particularly in photographs. This is what I’d wear travelling.

And the jewellery?
I picked up this gold bracelet from an antique dealer in New York, and the watch, ring and earrings are vintage pieces from my mother. I like wearing my mother’s jewellery – she has an amazing sense of style.

What’s the key piece in your wardrobe?
A good blazer is very important and I always think there is something very sexy about a tailored jacket. I have a tailor in Hamburg who makes great jackets for me. I love colour and have jackets in different colours. I also have vintage Christian Dior and a Givenchy dinner jacket with velvet lapels to which I pin art deco clips.

How do you describe your style?
It is relatively classic and, although I am fashion-forward, I like to be covered up – a little uptight and buttoned up.

What are your style influences?
I look at old movies from the ’40s for inspiration. I dress for myself and think it is important to look polished. Italian men are always impeccably dressed. It is not acceptable to walk out of the house in sweatpants.

Is there anything you wouldn’t wear?
I don’t like wearing tank tops without a cardigan unless I’m on a beach. I won’t wear Crocs, Birkenstocks (especially with socks), jumpsuits or chokers.

What is your favourite look?
An oversize man’s cashmere sweater over little ballet pumps. Fashion is so accessible to everybody now and people are more interested -  I hope a more covered-up look catches on. More designers and buyers are coming back to a ladylike look.

What are your favourite shops?
I try to shop on my travels, but also balance that with seeing museums and galleries. I might be in Tokyo checking out street fashion and just to have a little something is a reminder of where I have been. I love 10 Corso Como in Milan and the Corner store in Berlin because the buyer has an incredible eye. I spend a lot of time in Berlin and Hamburg – Berlin is cool, but Hamburg is beautiful.

Are you a collector?
I collect vintage jewellery and that love came from my mother and aunt from an early age – they have an amazing archive of ’40s vintage pieces. You can find incredible pieces in antiques road shows in the US and in Miami.

What magazines do you read?
I come from a magazine background, so I look at everything and anything because different markets have different looks all over the world and their magazines have very different layouts and approaches. I am a big supporter of British fashion and British Vogue is one of my favourite magazines. People are looking for fewer investment pieces now so you don’t need so much variety any more.

Are you developing your blog?
My blog is a lifestyle blog with magazine features and can’t just be all fashion – I’d love to see it evolve into its own brand over the next five years.

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Beautifully Organized: Closet

Steps to getting your own closet organized...

{1} Clear it out! If you haven't worn it in a year, donate it or sell it . Store this season's favorite accessories in visible spots to make it easy to find what you need. Relegate out-of-season shoes, handbags, and hats to containers stored on the top shelf or even in another room.

 {2} Once you have whittled down your wardrobe, assess the layout of your closet and create a plan. Measure the space you have, making sure to utilize backs of doors, floor space, and all interior walls. When you shop for boxes, bins, and other necessary space-savers, make sure you have your closet measurements in hand. Use every square inch of your closet. Hang shoe racks on the back of your closet door.

 {3} Canvas bins and hat boxes are excellent for storing handbags, linens, seasonal clothing and more!

 {4} Simple wall hooks are great for belts, jewelry, hats, etc. Store up to 10 scarves on a wooden scarf hanger. Classic belt hangers with multiple hooks are also a good solution for hanging camisoles, bras, or scarves. Sturdy bins with handles are versatile and they keep things looking clean and streamlined.

{5} Keep your boots well preserved with Boot Shapers, and store under your bed or hang in your closet. If you have the space, hang purses from durable hooks to keep them from slumping and losing their shape. Organize by color and season to make it easy to find the handbag you want. Store shoes in clear containers for easy visibility.

 {6} Matching hangers. I've been working on this slowly but surely, purchasing packs of wooden hangers when I can. Everything looks so much better when hung from the same hanger, right?!

 {7} Organize your clothing by color...something I'm also working on! I love the idea being able to select what to wear by color.
{8} If you can, install a closet system with shelving, racks, drawers, etc. IKEA carries the PAX system, which allows you to build your own dream closet with the components and features that fit your needs.

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