terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2014

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is, unquestionably, my favourite social media platform. I love getting to see glimpses into the lives of people I admire around the world. 
Things I love on Instagram: pictures of Paris,New York or London or places I've never been to (but long to explore), flowers,fashion,makeup and beautiful lighting .
Things I hate on Instagram: too many blurry selfies, messy backgrounds and accounts that only repost other people's images. 

Here are the Instragrammers around the world that I just can't get enough of:

* catiaafsilva
Cátia Silva Portuguese blogger, founder and editor of Lovely Flats Affair that loves fashion, travel and history of art.

* n4tic
Nat's Blog Makeup, Beauty,Deco,Pink,

* themadridbible
Madrid's Ultimate Guide. Best places, coolest plans & latest news about the Spanish Capital.
Blog:The Madrid Bible

Kat Tanita from With Love From Kat a fashion, beauty, and decor blog based in New York City.

* arianesparks
Ariane Sparks from All That Glitters Is Rose.American girl living my dream in London....

Alexandra Neto from Xanalicious
Eat, Pray, Love and wear bf jeans w/ white shirt.

* carla_leocadio
Carla Leocádio From The Fashion Hunters

Sabina Botica from Jeans and Roses
30 old coffee drinker, hydrangeas admirer and Zara hoarder from Montenegro. 

Makeup maven, product pusher and lacquer lover, serving up your daily dose of beauty... 

Carin Olsson From Paris In Four Months about an american that moved to Paris to follow her dreams.

Adapted from A Girl, A Style

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  1. Hi Marta,
    Love your blogs (yes, plural!) You rock, girl!!
    Here is another instagram account that i think you'll love: @lucky_svettles

  2. Thank you so much for this feature, you have made my day! :) Kisses!


  3. Muito obrigada Marta pela partilha, fico muito feliz que tenha gostado!

    Mais uma vez, obrigada pelo apoio!

    Cátia Silva :)